Classroom Rules and Student Expectations

Classroom Rules

  • NO LOADED HANDGUNS OR LIVE AMMUNITION IN CLASS AT ANY TIME!! Please do not handle any firearms in the store, without permission, some are loaded. Ask an instructor to show you the firearm.
  • Please put mobile phones on SILENT during class.
  • Parking – You may park along the side of the store or across the street in the old Auto Dealership parking lot. Only women and individuals with a handicap can park in the Westside Boot and Shoe parking lot.

Student Expectations

  • BE ON TIME… Each minutes wasted is compounded by the number of students in the class. Breaks are given, please be prompt in returning to your seat. A rule of thumb is, if given 10, be back in 9.
  • The course is long and contains a LARGE amount of information. Keep in mind that a comparable course with all of the amenities would cost as much as $400 elsewhere. Do not let the information overwhelm you. Each section of the course is open for you to attend in any future course at no cost, except the ’round robbin’.
  • Questions are encouraged. Remember there is no such thing as a dumb question, only the one you did not ask.
  • Feedback about what you liked about the course and the instructors who taught it is highly encouraged. Paradise Sales tries to make your experience the best that it can be.

If at the end of the course you decide that firearm ownership is not right for you, we have done our job of at least showing you the importance of how to handle and use a firearm safely in the case that you ever have to use one. It is a personal decision to accept the responsibility of gun ownership, which should not be taken lightly. We hope the course will be the beginning of a lifetime of safe and enjoyable use of firearms.