This will be a multi-day course with 12 hours of classroom instruction, 5 hours of additional intermediate training as well as 8 hours range instruction with 1 on 1 training with a certified NRA instructor.

This class fulfills all of the objectives to obtain a Colorado Concealed Carry Permit.

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When is the next available class?

The Basic Pistol Course is generally once a month (expect in December). Please click the Class Schedule button to see when the next available class will be.

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Course Objectives

For this part of the course, Paul will introduce himself and go over in more detail the course objectives. Students are then asked to introduce themselves to the rest of the class.

An instructor will go over basic handgun safety rules such as where you should and should not point your gun, how to properly handle a firearm, checking to see if a firearm is loaded and situational awareness.

An instructor will go over basic semi-automatic and revolver handgun operation and function. They will also discuss basic firearm terminology, go over different ammunition types and how to identify them. In this section, they will also talk about how your firearm can malfunction and how deal with with specific malfunctions.

Paul invites an attorney to come in and discuss Colorado gun laws and how they pertain to you. Common topics discussed in this section are stand-your-ground laws, protection of property and personal defense. Students are encouraged to ask any legal questions that they have for the attorney.

In this section, an instructor will go over different stances and postures. They will show you how to align and use your front and rear sights to line up on your target. Then the class is taken outside to practice dry-firing handguns. If you do not have a gun to bring to class, you can request a loaner.

For Range Day, students will meet up at the store and go as a group down to the range where they will be met with certified instructors. Round robin stations will be set up to give students a chance to handle and fire from a selection of over 30 different Full Size, Compact and Sub-Compact pistols and revolvers. At the very end of the line will be three shotgun stations to handle and fire three different gauges. Two instructors will demonstrate and then have each student go through bench rest training. Once the Round Robin and bench rest training are complete, students will be paired with instructors for 1 on 1 training. If a student does not already have a gun, then a loaner can be provided. The instructors will have the students go through and practice going into different stances/posturing, dry-firing and shooting live rounds at 10 and 25 yards. Students and instructors will break for lunch and return to do qualification shots at 10 and 25 yards. Once all of the students have finished their qualifications, the instructors will tally a final score.

Students are asked to arrive wearing clothes that they don’t mind getting messed up. Cleaning supplies and tools will be laid out at each one of the classroom tables. If a student does not have a gun to bring for this part of the class, a loaner can be provided. An instructor will go over the proper way to clean your gun. If you need help taking down the gun so that you can clean it, the instructor will go over and show you how to do this. Once the instructor has verified that the students have cleaned their guns satisfactorily, Paul will come in and have a talk with the class and present each student who passed their qualification with their course certificate.


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Weather Conditions

Click the Range Day Information button to view range weather forecast data. Dress accordingly and bring plenty of screen. We recommend for people to wear long sleeve shirts to prevent discomfort from ejected shell casings.

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