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Paul and Sue Paradis have been in the firearms business for over 20 years. Their business is located right in downtown Colorado Springs near Old Colorado City. Paul himself is an Army veteran who is passionate about 2nd amendment rights issues. Paul volunteered to do hands-on weapons training with the 4th Brigade Support Battalion and contributed to their overall success with firearms. In addition to the other work that he does, Paul also serves as a ballistic forensics expert in court cases across the country. 

2nd Amendment Rights Advocacy

Paul has given many interviews with newspaper and local new stations regarding gun rights issues. You can read through some of these articles by checking out our Blog. He also spoke at the ACLU Winter Forum about 2nd amendment and gun rights. You can view Part One here and Part Two here. He is a member of the NRA and the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition

Training Military Forces

Paul assisted the 4th Brigade Support Battalion with their weapons training and significantly improved the unit's overall success. He also provided law enforcement weapons training for the 759th Military Police Battalion. The Department of the Army presented him with a Certificate of Achievement on both occasions in reorganization of his efforts.

 4th brigade support battalion - certificate of achievement

army memo - recommendation for certificate of achievement


Firearms and Ballistics Forensics Expert, Criminologist

Paul Paradis serves as ballistic forensics expert and criminologist for the State of Colorado, Public Defenders office and has given evidence and testimony in several court cases in that capacity. He has also co-written a book entitled "Human Factors Issues in Handgun Safety and Forensics" as well as an article entitled "Accidental Shootings: Gun Design and Training Issues". In 2015, he participated in the Federal Paralegal and Investigator Seminar, sharing his knowledge of ballistic forensics in a session called Ballistics & Toolmark Identification: Farther Beyond the Gun and the Bullet (3)

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